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Ensure accurate and efficient 24-hour urine sample collection with our durable 24-Hour Urine Collection Container. Designed with a robust leak-proof screw thread lid, this container provides a secure and reliable solution for extended urine collection periods. With a capacity of 101oz, it's perfect for medical facilities, laboratories, and diagnostic centers requiring precise and contamination-free urine samples.


Product Features:

  • Capacity: 101oz (approximately 3 liters)
  • Leak-Proof Screw Thread Lid: Ensures secure closure and prevents leakage during collection and transport.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, impact-resistant plastic for reliable use.
  • Clear Graduated Markings: Easy-to-read measurements for accurate volume tracking.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Designed for easy carrying and handling.
  • Sterile: Ensures contamination-free sample collection.
  • Bulk Packaging: 24 containers per case, ideal for high-volume use.



  • Clinical Use: Perfect for hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers requiring 24-hour urine collection.
  • Laboratory Testing: Essential for a variety of tests requiring prolonged urine collection.
  • Research: Suitable for research studies needing extended urine sample collection.
  • Home Use: Ideal for at-home medical testing kits requiring 24-hour urine collection.


Usage Instructions:

1. Unscrew the lid and begin the 24-hour urine collection process.

2. Secure the lid tightly after each addition to prevent any leaks.

3. Use the clear graduated markings to monitor the volume of urine collected.

4. At the end of the collection period, ensure the lid is securely fastened.

5. Transport the sample to the laboratory or diagnostic center as instructed.


SKU: cl-02307
Product Pack Case
Units 100/pack 2pack/case
Weight NA NA
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