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Discover our premium Universal Fit Needle Hub, designed for reliable blood collection. Our non-sterile needle hubs provide a secure and stable connection, ensuring efficient blood draw procedures. Perfect for medical training, laboratories, and clinical practice, these needle hubs are compatible with various standard needles and collection tubes. 


Product Features:

  •  Universal Fit: Compatible with a wide range of blood collection needles and tubes, ensuring versatility in medical and laboratory settings.
  •  Non-Sterile: Ideal for training, educational purposes, and non-sterile environments where cleanliness protocols are in place.
  •  High-Quality Construction: Made from durable plastic for a secure and stable connection during blood collection procedures.
  •  Ergonomic Design: Features a ribbed grip for comfortable handling and reduced risk of slippage.
  • Cost-Effective: Economical choice for bulk purchases in training facilities and non-critical clinical applications.



  • Medical Training: Perfect for use in phlebotomy training programs and educational settings.
  • Laboratories: Suitable for laboratory environments where sterility is controlled by other means.
  • Clinical Practice: Ideal for non-sterile clinical procedures and practice sessions.


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