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These disposable non-sterile tubes can be used for most routine laboratory procedures. Precision molding with virgin thermoplastics ensures that our tubes will be uniform in size and shape. High resistance to breakage reduces danger in handling infectious or other potentially harmful cultures.

  • Additive:              Plain
  • Application:        Culture Tube
  • Closure Type:     Without Closure
  • Dimensions:        12 X 75 mm
  • Material:               PolystyreneTube
  • RCF Rating:         1,500 RPM
  • Sterility:                NonSterile
  • Tube Color:          Clear Tube
  • Type:                     Round Bottom
  • Volume:                 5 mL

FEATURES: Supplied without caps, No marking spot, Premium quality tubes with sturdy, uniform bottoms and consistent lengths. Excellent chemical resistance against sodium leaching against in-transit breakage.

Clinsam 12 x 75mm Test Tube, PS material, Fit All Tops

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