The butterfly needle is specially designed to be easily hold at the "wings" and used to access a patient's vein for blood collection purpose. The butterfly needles is "equipped" with the plastic holding pieces which look like "wings" and the reason why we called the infusion needle as the butterfly needle. The most important is the safety that is the tubing plastic covering over the needle, or we called it the needle cap. When the needle is infused into the vein, the needle cap will be pulled up away from the needle. Right after the needle removed out of the patient's vein, the needle cap will fall back and covering the needle. Meanwhile, the butterfly needle is connected with the soft clear DEHP free tubing, and the other side of the tubing is connected witht he Luer connector which has the needle attached. This needle is shealthed with the rubber cover.

This needle will be used to insert into the vacuum tubes or vacutainer during the blood collection process.



1) the size of the needle: 25G

2) the length of the needle: 3/4"

3) the length of the tube: 12 inches

4) the rubber shealthed needle length: 3/4"

Butterfly Needle, 25G x 3/4"x 12", Single Pack, Sterile,,Pyrogen Free, 50/bx

SKU: 852661274852
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