Elegant Cushion Padded Seat and Armrest, Soft and Smooth Vinyl Wrapped Armrest Pads. It gives a calming and comforting condition to patient. Wide Sitting Space and Compact Outside Dimension Suitable to doctor clinics. The Chair is resistant to any chemical spill and sanitizer solution. Sanitizer solution can be directly applied onto the vinyl wrap. The assembly Super Easy - 4 hex nuts tied up and two armrest inserted into the base frame. 
Product Specifications
- Model No: ZZ01882
- Overall Height:  36 1/4"
- Overall Width:  36 1/2"
- Overall Depth: 15 3/4"
- Seat Height: 17 1/8"
- Seat Width:  20"
- Sustained Weight: 250lbs

Packaging Specifications
- Shipping Box Size: 25" x 20" x 19"
- Shipping Weight: 50lbs
- Hardware Set: 4 washers, 4 hex nuts, 1 wrench and 1 user manual
- Part Included: 1 x Base Structural Frame
                            1 x Backsupport Chair Seat
                            1 x Flipping and Adjustable Armrest  

Blood Drawing Chair Compact Size AffortablePricing

SKU: 0682863045673
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