Sport Table, High Adhesive Sticky Tapes, Especially design for Sport Arthelic.

Sport Tapes

SKU: 852661274975
    • Thick vinyl wrapped seat, 2 1/2-inch thick foam seat and arm rest. Luxury seat size 17 inches width and 18 inches length. Excellent back and neck support on the seat with 18 inches tall. Well structural frame is consisted of 1 1/4 inches sqz. tubes and white powder coating. Comfortable ARM REST 17-inch width X 18-inch length with 6 1/2-inch width.
    • The seat is very easily aligned to the frame. The seat is secured with 4 of the 1 3/4-inch bolts. Both the arm rests well inserted and secured on both side holders. The powder coated cabinet is the size 1-ft X 1-ft and 6-inch thick. Metal Sheet cabinet very light weight. The cabinet is with the flexible adjustable raising height.
    • The chair stands is flexible adjustable off-set pads. The pads are consisted of NYLON material to resist slippery.
    • The chair is very sturdy and still during the phlebotomy blood drawn. Especially the right arm rest, which is consisted of 10-inche bolt to hold the entire rotating mechanism process. The
    • The chair is packed in the box size of 20inches Width X 21inches Length X 38inches Height. It is very light weight 50lbs. The inner packaging is well protected with polyfoam and wrapped with the bubble wrap.